How to Motivate Your Team?

As a Project Manger or Team Lead sometimes it can be difficult to push the team to be more motivated.

Naturally you cannot control your team members ambitions but you can control the way you conduct your projects to generate more enthusiasm.

SET REALISTIC GOALS AND EXPECTATION – At the beginning of the project set detailed agenda and goals for your team, to ensure that your team know where they stand and what to expect from the project and how to organize themselves. Negligent to set the goals from the beginning with your team members could be leading to a wasted work effort, wrong expectations from the team which will be leading to derailment of the project timeline.

MEETING WITH YOUR TEAM – Your team members need to know that once a week (i.e. every Monday) they will all be sitting together to discuss team progress. That will help the team to follow deadlines and stay motivated to do their part.

Don’t forget always ask for feedback, by doing that you ensure that your team knows you view them as equals that you you listen to and consider their opinions.

PRAISE THEIR WORK – We all like receiving recognition for a job well done. It makes us feel good and motivates us to repeat the same standard of work. When someone has done a good job, just express your admiration. You can also compliment them when they have a good idea, or suggest an improvement.

GIVE FEEDBACK FROM THE START – Don’t forget to give feedback to your team members from the start to avoid giving it after something goes wrong. This way, your team won’t be discouraged after a negative feedback. As they knew from day one they would be receiving feedback throughout the entire project no matter what.

ORGANIZE FUN EVENTS – Project teams normally work closely together each day, often under pressure to achieve deadlines and stay within budget. Inject some fun into the project, celebrate team success!!!! This giving your team some time to relax informally together outside of work. Try going with your team members to lunch or having the office party when you’ve all achieved your deadline or delivered the project.